people-imageThere are a lot of tasks involved in setting up and running an automatic enrolment scheme. The majority of the on-going administration is closely linked to payroll, which is why we suggest that outsourcing to a company that will cover all bases makes sense, both time-wise and financially.

If you click here you will see a list of the key points you need to consider in both setting up and running your automatic enrolment scheme. Without going in to too much detail, below is a list of some of the tasks that we can help you with;

Prior to Staging Date
– Assess your workers
– Produce bespoke report using live sample of your payroll data
– Review Contracts of Employment
– Guidance with automatic enrolment HR policies
– Presentations to staff
– Introduction to IFA to help source a pension policy (the only bit we can’t do!)
– Set up pension policy for online administration

– Process payroll and automatic enrolment pension contributions
– Monitoring of staff
– Management of opt-outs and postponement
– Communication with staff as required by legislation
– Communication with HMRC, the Pensions Regulator and pension provider as required
– Monitoring of HR issues as directly related to automatic enrolment

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